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Same Day Roofing offers exceptional, high quality snow removal and removal services to ensure that our customers' properties are safe from accidents due to accumulation of ice and excessive snowfall. Our staff is well trained and ready to assist you with any snow and ice issues you have this winter. You can count on us. A job well done is essential to our success. We follow and keep in touch with our customers.

With many years of experience delivering snow removal and ice control services, Andres Roofing is your # 1 snow removal option in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire

Why do I need snow removal on the roof?

Everyone loves snow in winter. It's beautiful, however, lots of snow and your roof is not a good mix. When the snow accumulates, it gets heavy. This can pose a danger to your roof and shelter.

We all know how the snow can get heavier the longer it takes. The snow melts and turns to ice. When additional snowfall, repeat the process by adding additional weight to your roof. Excess weight on your roof and can cause leaks and even the parts of the roof to collapse.

You can either remove snow alone or hire a service. The cost of hiring a company to handle snow removal from the roof far outweighs the consequences of having a roof collapsed and leaking or falling off a roof. Either way, it is important to approach the problem immediately before the stress of the weight causes structural damage.

How much snow is safe for a roof?

Recent weather conditions in Chicago can result in excessive roof loads on homes and buildings due to the buildup of snow and ice. The recent ice storms that hit the area left several snow and ice on some roofs. The recent large snowfalls have been added to the total weight of the beams and the beams must withstand. Because of this layer of ice, the snow that recently fell on the roof is not slipping as it normally does in the winter. Since it is likely that the ice sheet will not melt until spring, each additional snowfall this winter will intensify the problem. This is why snow removal is imperative during winters as what we are expecting.

How much weight can most roofs take?

Snow loads for homes and buildings in Illinois are usually about 20 pounds per square foot. So how much does the snow weigh? It depends. Start by asking how much water, or ice in solid form, weighs. A one-inch layer of water or ice weighs approximately five pounds per square foot. Thus, a roof designed for a snow load of 20 pounds per square meter could theoretically hold four inches of ice. How much snow is this? Forecasters generally estimate that about 12 inches of snow is equal to one inch of water. Using this "golden rule," a roof should contain up to four feet of snow. The wet and packed snow weighs more per inch deep, which means that a roof can only support up to three feet of snow.

This loading level, 20 pounds per square foot, is not intended to last all winter; there is a factor of fatigue. A roof can withstand this snow load for several days or a few weeks, probably no more than 30 days. Each roof has its own weight to consider. Tiles, underlayment and trusses add weight to a roof even before the snow falls. In short, the roofs are not designed to hold much more than the existing weight. Several factors affect the amount of snow that can accumulate on a roof.

They include:

Roof dust - snow can not slide easily on flat roofs (3/12 pitch or less). Drift - wind blowing snow around other buildings and trees can create huge drifts of snow and uneven loads of snow. Roofs in other lower buildings, may "receive" snow or ice slipping from another roof above. Tile roofs do not pour snow as easily as metal roofs. There may be roof valleys or roof areas that collect lots of snow.

So, what do you do if you have a lot of snow on your roof? The simple answer is to remove it as soon as possible. Usually there is some time between a major snowfall event and possible structural failures. Unfortunately, a good way to remove snow from a roof is to physically lift the roof and push the snow with a shovel and / or broom. Obviously, there is the safety concern of falling over while working on a roof covered with snow and ice. That's why you should use a snow removal company like (BusinessName}. Our snow removal specialists will examine your snowfall and your roof to ensure you do not cause any damage.

It is important to use special ladders, safety ropes, snow removal tools. That's why a professional team is highly recommended.

Low slope roofs The commercial roof design standard roofs are usually designed to withstand more weight than a residential roof. The older roofs, especially, are not designed to withstand the weight of a major snowstorm or ice. Andres Roofing will send a professional snow removal technician by estimating your roof and making sure you and your customers are safe.

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